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John Riccitiello Biography

Former CEO of Electronic Arts
Con to the question "Do Violent Video Games Contribute to Youth Violence?"

“[W]e are very confident in the quality of our content and the lack of an actual factual linkage to any of the actual violence that takes place in America or markets around the world.

There’s no doubt, we like you, were stunned and horrified by the violence in Connecticut or Colorado or many other places over the years. But there has been an enormous amount of research done in the entertainment field about looking for linkages between entertainment content and actual violence, and they haven’t found any. And I could give you long stories about how people in Denmark or the UK or Ireland or Canada consume as much or more violent games and violent media as they do in the United States, and yet they have an infinitely smaller incidence of gun violence.

But that’s not really the point. The point is that direct studies have been done, hundreds of millions of dollars of research have been done, has been unable to find a linkage because there isn’t one.”

“EA – Q3 2013 Electronic Arts Inc. Earnings Conference Call,”, Jan. 30, 2013

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • CEO, Unity Technologies, Oct. 2014-present
  • Board Director/Investor, Unity Technologies, Nov. 2013-present
  • Investor/Advisor, SilkCloud, Mar. 2014-Aug.2015
  • Investor/Advisor, Oculus VR, Nov. 2013-Mar. 2014
  • CEO, Electronic Arts, Apr. 2007-Feb. 2013
  • Board Director, Hyperion Solutions, July 2002-Apr. 2007
  • Co-Founder and Managing Director, Elevation Partners, Mar. 2004-Mar. 2007
  • President and Chief Operating Officer, Electronic Arts, Nov. 1998-Mar. 2004
  • President and CEO, Sara Lee Bakery Worldwide, Mar. 1996-Nov. 1998
  • Board Member, Steppenwolf Theatre Company, 1995-1997
  • President and CEO, Wilson Sporting Goods Co., Nov. 1993-Mar. 1996
  • Managing Director, International Division, Haagen-Dazs Company (France), Nov. 1989-Oct. 1993
  • Business Development/Marketing Director, Pepsi International (Cyprus), Oct. 1985-Oct. 1989
  • Marketing Manager, Henkel GMBH (Germany), Oct. 1984-Sept. 1985
  • Brand Manager, Household Products Division, Clorox Company, Mar. 1981-Oct. 1984
  • Education:
  • BSc, Business Administration and Management, University of California at Berkeley, 1981
  • Other:
  • Twitter handle: @johnriccitiello
  • Member of the Board, Haas School of Business, University of California at Berkeley
  • Member, Board of Councilors, USC School of Cinematic Arts